Alcario Benavidez

by Robert

Alcario Benavidez (Personal Archives )
Alcario Benavidez (Personal Archives )

My hero is not only my great grandpa but also he is my role model and a great person to look up to. He is a good person and he has taught me a lot. I chose my great grandpa as my role model because he has done a lot in his life time and because I respect him so much.

After his job at the circus he became a farmer. He grew a lot of crops and raised beef for a lot of people. He got married and had five children Louis, Mila, Jenny, Raymond, and Zech. He delivered two of his children by himself and they both came out healthy.

Right now Alcario is ninety one and he has seen a lot over the years. He has seen all the World War 1, World War 2, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, and up until now and he almost was in a war. The most important thing he has seen is his children and his grand children grow up through the years.

I choose my great grandpa Alcario Benavidez because he has had a successful life and he is a strong man. A hero is someone you look up to and someone who is always there when you need them. A hero is also a good role model and a caring person, just like my great grandpa Alcario Benavidez.

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