Alda Charette

by Agathe from Fort-coulonge

My hero

My hero is someone special in my eyes. She was there for her children and grandchildren every time. She is a wife, a mother, a godmother, a sister and well, a grandmother. She had lots of courage raising 25 children and I’m proud of her.

My hero is my grandmother. She is special in my eyes because she was there for me. My grandma babysat me when I was sick. She was there to help me when I was in need.

My grandma married my grandfather when she was 21 and she was pregnant. She lost my grandpa in November 1991, but she was still happy with her children. But inside she was broken. When I was about 4 years old, I went to see her and she gave me a necklace for Christmas and I still have it. It’s a souvenir I’ll keep forever. She also gave me this dinosaur when I was born.

My grandma will always be my hero even if she is not in my life anymore because she died last year: The day after mother’s day. But I’m still happy cause I spent lots of times with her and I’m happy I did.

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