Aldo and Malu

by Paula from Buenos Aires

The heroes I have chosen are my parents called Magdalena and Aldo. They are very smart and cheerful people. My mom is 40 years old and my dad is 42. I call my father a “lifesaver” because he is very sweet and because he saved a lot of lives such as my dog’s, my brother’s, unknown old people and me, his daughter Pali. In my opinion, they are both heroes. They are very helpful, peaceful, always trying to resolve other people's problems in the simplest way. As they are a very important part in my life, I hope they continue as cooperative as they are.

My heroes live in a spectacular city, Buenos Aires. My dad lives downtown in an apartment. Mom lives in a medium-sized house. One of the good points of my parents is that they’re not tired and boring every time, they are very adventurous, attentive, efficient and careful. For example, a very attentive and heroic act of my dad was when we were at my house and one of the dogs was really small, he could pass the fence of the pool, he passed and went into the pool without knowing how to swim. My father that had recently arrived from work with a suit and a tie, when he saw my dog drowning in the pool, he went running at his maximum speed and went into the pool with all his clothes and took my dog out of the pool. That’s how he saved my dog Onix. Another day while we were at the beach, some old men went into the sea. My father saw they were desperate because the dangerous sea was pulling them back. The worst thing of all was that they also didn’t know how to swim. Dad very attentively saved them with the life device we gave him.

Together with my mom they make a dynamic duo. Between both of them saved my brother from the sea. They took him out of it in few seconds, my brother was a bit frightened but luckily he was fine. Why did I say that my parents had saved and save my life? My father Aldo works all day, we say “he is in every place at any time.” Obviously he ends up very tired. Mom has a very important part to play in my life. She dedicates all day long to us, her three sons. I think I can’t live without my family. Mom is really sweet, for every comment someone says, she has a joke, a good one that will make anybody burst out in laughter. Although you’re sad or bored, my parents will be there to cheer you up by being cheerful and humorous.

I can relate mom and dad with Mrs. Frisby from the book “Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh” because Mrs. Frisby works a lot for their children. Although she isn’t too much time with her sons, she makes the best to have them healthy, she cares a lot for them. She works a lot like my father, from morning to night and cooks delicious meals for her sons like my mom, Magdalena.

To sum up, I feel that although sometimes I get mad at them, they’re very special and unique persons for me. They are heroes to me because without them I can’t do anything. As I said before, they both play a very important part in my life and in my family’s life.

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