by Valentina from Buenos Aires

I chose my mom because she always has hope in me to be a good person. She is a very courageous person because when a problem arises, she always tries to solve it. She is perseverant because she is always trying and trying and never gives up. She is my hero because when I have a problem she knows what to do in the right time and that is what makes her a hero.

My hero is my mom who I really love and care for. My hero has given me my biggest treasure…. Her love and care for me and for my brothers. She has given me my education, my room, my stuff and my family. She also gave me my manners, my hope, my faith and my good humor. My mom lives with me at home which we share every day.

She is very important to me because she was and has always been such a good person with everybody. She is very honest and very respectful at all times because she is always very good mannered. She made a difference by being very responsible and friendly. My mom is always very hard-working and that is one of the characteristics which makes her a hero!

She is a “hero on the spot,” because she is always there to help other people, and to help me when I have a problem. She is also a “survivor hero,” because she is trying to support people by cheering them up.

To conclude, my mom is a very special hero and I love her very much for what she is and I will always remember her as a hero and as my mom!!!

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