by Florencia from Buenos Aires

I have chosen my older brother Alec as my personal hero. He is courageous, faithful, perseverant, hopeful and humorous. He makes me feel safe beside him.

My hero is my brother, Alec, who is 21 years old. Alec saved me in different ways. One of them was when I was on my farm in summer holidays. I went to take some pictures of the sunset with my cousin and my sister. We were very far away and it was getting darker. We couldn’t see anything. My brother realized that we were missing. He told all my family and they went all around the farm looking for us. We forgot to tell my family that we were going to take pictures of the sunset. Some minutes later Alec found us and took us home. Another way in which he saved me was when I went on a cruise and we had just got up to go on our trip. My family told me not to separate from them. They went to eat on the 9th floor and I went running through the stairs and I was the first one so I went to the 10th floor. I looked backwards and I couldn’t see them. Then I went to the room and waited for 20 minutes. Then I got tired of waiting and I went to look for them. I looked for 10 minutes and I went back to my room and there was my brother waiting for me. I was very scared when all that happened but when I saw my brother I felt safe again. I got to know all the ship because I had looked for them everywhere.

My hero lives in Buenos Aires. He is important for me because I am safe when he is near me and he has saved me in different moments and will continue saving me. He made a difference in my life because when he is with me I can walk safely in any street of the world.

I will compare my brother with Martin Luther King; he hasn’t done anything big, something to be recognized by the entire world. He has done small acts like protecting my family and he is always fair with things in my house. It is not recognized by the entire world but he is recognized by my whole family.

All in all, my entire everyday hero is Alec. I admire him a lot. I think he would go far in the near future with perseverance, faith and hope as he never gives up. He stands for what he is determined to achieve.

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