Lifesavers Heroes

Alec J.

by Tammy from Santa Clara

My friend Alec

The people in the world that enjoy helping people just because it makes them feel good are heroes. Alec is one of my heroes in my everyday life.

Alec was raised in East side San Jose. His struggle was grades when he was younger but he overcame his struggle in fifth grade, when his grades improved. As a child Alec was an angry happy child. He said, "I don’t know why I was angry because my childhood was happy." While he was growing up he could always talk to his best friends Justin and Zack. Today Zack is still a good friend but Justin is not as close.

Alec’s philosophy is to be a good person. He also believes in karma. He enjoys being a good person because it makes him feel good about himself. These things he believes in like karma and being a good person makes him the nice person he is today.

As he was doing the interview he had a very pleased expression on his face. Every time he would answer a question, a loud snicker was heard in the background. Tristan, one of Alec’s friends, was sitting across the room listening in. He laughs as he murmurs, "Should I hold back a few details?"

"When Tammy hit Alec over the head with a full unopened soda can because he told her not to steal." When he gave the quote, he spoke in an exited tone anxious to tell the tail. He continues talking in his low scratchy voice. He would clap every time be began speaking. "Tammy influenced me in a negative way by manipulating, abusing me and making me sleep deprived. Tammy would call me in the middle of the night to talk about absolutely nothing."

My friend Alec is a hero to me. A time he showed he was a hero was in 8th grade. He sat next to me the whole year and I was really mean to him. I would throw books at his head because he annoyed me. So I would yell at him very loudly at him. He was always talking to me and I had no interest in talking to him.

When my teacher that was always happy and smiley told me in a cheerful tone, "You have an F, better get that up," and I was really far behind on all of my work, Alec said he would help me. He forced me to do all of my work every day and I eventually caught up. I ended up getting an A in the class.

As mean as I was to him, which was a lot. I was almost super abusive, but he was always there to help me sort out my life. I will call him in the middle of the night and he just answers so peacefully even though I just woke him up. He would never get mad even though I wake him up all the time.

I think that is a hero because even though I was a mean person to him, he always was a good person and stuck to his morals. That how I want to be, a nice person no matter what. The way I can be a hero in my own life is to be kind to everyone and do things for people just because it will make them feel better. Not to receive something in return for helping them. Think about karma and remember what goes around comes around. If I can do a nice deed for someone every day, even if I don’t know them, it might make their day. It would also make me feel a lot better about myself. I could live my life more like Alec because he is so nice to people and expects nothing in return. This makes the people around him have a better life because they feel like they have someone to depend on. Being there for people and showing you care can also make you more heroic. You may not feel heroic but to them you may be a hero. You could be the rock in their life.

“By Tammy Smith, Ms. Uyeshiro’s Period 6 English 10 Class, Wilcox High School, Santa Clara, California”

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