by Veronica

I was on the wrong path and my friend told me that what I was doing was stupid. I was taking after my sister and she is like a crack head. So I decided to go in the right path. This is how it started.

One day my sister brought home some cigarettes and she said do you wanna have one? I said no thanks. She said ok sucks. So I went in the house. So later on that month she had some more so I tried one. I didn't know how to smoke it but I had some so I had a whole cigarette. But then I had a sleep over with my friend Alejandra and she knocked some sense into me. If I want to be a vet I have to be smart and not have like vodka in me when I am like 5 years old. Now I don't know about you guys but I have a pretty tough life. If I told you about my life I wouldn't even know where to begin. I don't even remember me younger than 6.

well my friend helped me out with strengthening my life out. I was like a crack head at that time and now I just think it is stupid to do all of that stuff because like you don't need that stuff this young. I remember what she said to me. "Veronica, you're my friend right?" I said "yes?" She said, "Then can I tell you something?" Then I said, "Sure." She said, "Veronica, you are very nice and sometimes annoying. But you know I'm not a drinker so this is just my opinion. I don't get the point of you guys doing this. You're just ruining your life and when your are like 50 your going to look like you are 90 and I don't wand that to happen to you. Do you understand what I'm saying?" I said "Yah" then smiled. The next day I changed. And I love her for changing my life and putting it in the right path.

She doesn't care about what I do, what I say, she is always sticking up for herself and I didn't so now I am and she is my hero. Hahaha I don't know if you are supposed to use all of these paragraphs or not you can tell that I'm not the smartest kid but I do have a big heart even though that sounds cheesy - it's who I am. :) and nobody can change that. I stick up for myself and follow nobody right now. I am the spirit that can't be broken. My friends call me SPIRIT, just like the movie.:)

So ok. I am done.

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