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Alexandra Scott

by Lindsey from Springville

Alex Scott
Alex Scott

My hero is Alexandra Scott. She was born January 18, 1996 in Manchester, Connecticut, but later moved to Pennsylvania. She was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer two days before her first birthday. Sadly, she died August 1, 2004.

She is famous for her lemonade stands which she started when she was four years old. By having the lemonade stands she said she wanted to raise money for “her doctors.” Her goal was one million dollars, and she raised $700,000 in her lifetime. Now, in 2006, a total of six million dollars has been raised by Alex’s lemonade stands.

This person is a hero because she was so little when she started these lemonade stands to raise money for pediatric cancer research. A four-year-old knew that if she raised money that it would someday help other children with cancer. She didn’t have superpowers, but she didn’t need them. She had a good heart.

She is a hero because she is looked up to. I don’t know about others, but I really look up to and admire this little girl. She was so little when she started her lemonade stands, but she accomplished in her short lifetime what most adults have in their longer lifetimes. Another reason she is a hero is because of her determination. After doctors surgically removed her cancer from her back they said she would probably never be able to walk again. By age 2 Alex had defied the odds, she was crawling and able to stand with leg braces. The last reason to me she is a hero, is that she was fighting for a good cause. Her goal was to raise one million dollars; in her lifetime she was able to raise $700,000. Today Alex’s lemonade stands have raised over six million dollars.

Alex Scott made a difference in the whole community of childhood cancer. She is one of the most amazing people that I have ever gotten the chance to know about. If I could have one wish, it would be to meet her and tell her what a role model she has been for so many people.

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