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Alexandra Scott

by Krystal from Cornwall

Alexandra Scott playing on the slide (my hero)
Alexandra Scott playing on the slide (my hero)

Alexandra (Alex) Scott, was a small American girl from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. She was born January 18,1996 and was deceased on August 1,2004(8 years old). She made her dream come true by selling lemonade.

A smile to remember (
A smile to remember (

Alexandra Scott, was about to have her first birthday when her parents had to rush her into the hospital. That night was one memory they wish they didn't have. Poor little Alex was suffering from spinal damage caused by a large tumor in her abdomen and spinal cord, or so they thought. Doing more research the doctors said that she would never walk again in her life. Fortunately, Alexandra proved them wrong by twitching her legs. Of course doctors being stubborn as they are, they argued with Alexandra's parents about it. They asked Alex to move her legs. Doing so, they would see little flickers. That then is when they found out that she was getting mobility back in her legs and therefore she was able to use her lower extremities. They kept doing tests to find out more about her situation. Finally relief, or so they thought, until they got the results back, the results that would change their lives forever... It read NEUROBLASTOMA child cancer. After being in treatment for almost 4 years a small little girl had the idea to raise money for her cancer. Always telling her parents that when it got warmer she would have a lemonade stand. They kept telling her that she will never raise enough money but this little determined girl was about to surprise them all. On her first time she made over $2000.00 and on her second she made over $60000.00 and got front page news in 3 papers and 2&3 page in 2 others. Of course time would come again when little Alexandra would shock them all by saying that she felt funny keeping all the money for her cancer tumor when all the kids want to get rid of their tumors too. And so she did just that. Little Alex donated all the money to charity, the one that is supposed to find a cure for cancer in children. Unfortunately Alex only had 4 years to keep her dream alive before she passed away.

One small lemonade, one big check (
One small lemonade, one big check (

The hero I have chosen had made a lemonade stand to help raise money for a cure for cancer in children, and at the time she was fighting cancer herself. To me the one obstacle my hero had to overcome was the one where she was a beautiful young child who was struggling with cancer. In my hero's life everybody she met, she was able to bring a smile to their face and touch their hearts in ways you couldn't imagine.

Alexandra's first lemonade stand (
Alexandra's first lemonade stand (

If I had to chose 5 character traits to describe my hero I would chose...

-Caring: Because she puts others before her self and because she raised money to help find a cure for cancer in children.

-Helpful: She is willing to help raise money for it by finding her own style.

-Kind: Would rather see others smile before seeing herself smile.

-Willing: To make other happy, even when she is not.

-Understanding: She understands exactly what you are going through when it comes to cancer tumors.

If I could ask my hero just 3 questions I would ask her...

1)Why chose to raise money for other and not your self?
2)Are you happy raising money for cancer?
3)Do you like selling lemonade?

One event in my hero's life is that she started a lemonade stand to raise money for a cure for cancer in children. I chose this event because it meant a lot to me and it did to her too.

Other kids helping raise money (
Other kids helping raise money (

Through my studies on Alexandra Scott I have found that she had a happy but sad life. She was a happy child especially when it came to her lemonade stand but it was sad because she had to suffer through a lot of treatment and therapy to try and get better. If I was to hand out an award to my hero and nobody would agree well I would have to tell them to trust me because I know what I'm talking about and I would tell them that they can't say anything unless they knew what they were talking about. And after all that I would say to them what Alexandra would have said... "When life hands you lemons make lemonade". Now to us that may not mean a lot but to her it meant the world.

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