Alfred Yankovic

by Paul from Romeville, Illinois

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al Yankovic

Weird Al I am the man
This is my hero story. Alfred Yankovic as a young but courageous boy was laughing and playing. And he is my hero so I want to tell you. As a boy he developed the nickname Alfy, He loved school and his Aunt Dot. But he was not popular because of his hair. It was really curley and red. He also loved to play the accordion with his aunt. He loves Polka too. He now has songs such as Polk, Polk, Polk your eye out, Polkpolozia, and much more. As a kid he was always positive. Never sad … he would play and laugh even about plants.

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He was teased by bullies. But that did not stop him, he was as happy as ever. And he learned that no matter who you are, you’ve got to stand up for yourself. And he went on liven his life. His Aunt Dot showed him how to use and play the accordion. And how to dance to polka, he was really at it to.

I will tell you about his family. His mom’s and dad’s names were Nick and Mary. His dad was a war hero. He was a medic and showed up in a newspaper. And his mom a loving mother… and a great wife. And both were very proud of him. Aunt Dot was his favorite relative. She and he were like PB and J. She taught him how to play.

As a young boy he loved to hear his Aunt Dot on her accordion so growing up he started playing it. He even made CD’s… called polka. As he was in high school the bullying got worse. He had joined Gleek and AV club. He was called nerd or geek but it just made him stronger. He got great grades. And even better friends.

As he was growing up he found his talent in music. His first song was another one rides the bus. He performed it on the late show, he got some meager publicity. He created over 56 songs and 20 CD’s. Running with scissors is my favorite. All of his songs go gold. Popular in US, Canada, and in Asia. He also loves to read and he sponsors it by making posters and reading as much as he can. He is also very quirky and fun. He handles things with a lot of honor and love that can not be imitated. And that is why he is my hero.

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Weird Al

What’s the time... Weird Al?

1. October- 23- 1959 Alfred Yankovic was born.

2. 1966 Al first accordion…and he rocked!

3. 1973 Al gives a song to Dr. Demento of chorus in funny font.

4. 1976 March 14 he sings on TV.

5. 1976 Graduated from High School

6. 1978 Al gets his face on a record.

7. 1997 Records "My Bologna".

8. 1980 Another One Rides the Bus is a hit.

9. 1984 February: "Eat It" is an attrak

10. 1985 Dare to be Stupid hits the box office like a brick.

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Extra Info

Weird Al = fun

Laughter the sound so
Deep and real
Fight for your
Right to be yourself
The crunch of celery
The taste of hair spray
In darkness there is no fun
In light laughter
Simply smiling
And courageously playing
Weird al is…
Fun, hope, dermas…love.

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