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Alicia Arnold

by Thomas from St. Louis

ALICIA ARNOLD RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since the beginning of time, man has selected one individual to be identified as the hero of their age. Why? Most people use heroes as nothing more than a scapegoat or a savior. However, what a hero really is, is a spark of hope, something to restore one’s faith in Humanity. This hero is Alicia Arnold.

Alicia, apart from being a full time student and working a part time job, is also extremely dedicated to community service. She is even the vice-president of one branch of a club called leaders which is through South-County YMCA. This club is dedicated to community service and building leadership skills. Through this club, she is required to volunteer for no less than eight hours a month, but being the great person that she is, she goes above that duty and does even more volunteering hours. I myself am vice president a Leaders club that is through a different YMCA. However, our situations are completely different; she is kept busy managing the largest leaders club in Missouri while my club has only 14 members.

However, this club, work, and school have not kept her from practicing music. She is a very talented musician and can play piano and guitar and sing. She has written and recorded several songs. Alicia used to be very shy about her music but I am happy to say that Leaders, as it often does, has broken her comfort box with a steady stream of encouragement. She is now much more comfortable performing in front of a group. In fact, at Central Leaders School (a large convention for leaders all over the mid west) she even performed in the talent show for around 100 people.

Apart from all of this other amazing stuff, she is also an amazing friend. At Central Leaders School, when the end of the week rolls around and it is time to go home, pretty much everyone within sight is crying, except for her. She walks up to random people that she doesn’t even know and gives them a hug and attempts to cheer them up. When people have a problem, she is always there to listen. She is also very sensitive to other peoples wants. For instance, Labor Day weekend, some of our best friends came to visit from Wisconsin but she was not here. She wasn’t here because she had gone camping with her family and their German exchange student. She went because otherwise it would just be the exchange student and her parents so she wanted him to have someone his own age.

All of these things are just some of the reasons that Alicia Arnold is my hero. She is a great friend, a great musician, a great leader and a great person

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