by jaibunnisa from Singapore

Everyone has their own beliefs and traditions to follow in this world. My God is Allah. "Allah" is an arab word which means God or Almighty. He is the first God my parents introduced to me when I was born to this world.

I always wondered how Allah looks like. I always imagine my own creation to suite Him. But my parents told me that if I sincerely pray to Him, I can feel Him by my side. I have not done that until one day.............

That day all of us were busy preparing for the Tamil PSLE examination. But then suddenly, I could not find my very most important notes. I panicked and began to cry. My mum calmed me down. When I cool down, I remembered my Allah. I cleaned myself and wore my praying attire. I closed my eyes and told Him about my problem very sincerely.

After praying I went to bed with a very heavy heart. Next morning, I went to school for the exam. I prayed to Him again and began to write my exam paper. When I finished writing the whole paper, I realised that none of the questions were asked from the important notes that I have misplaced. All the questions were so much simpler for me to answer.I was thrilled.

I got an A-star for my Tamil PSLE examination. I realised the Hero behind my success. I also realized he protects everyone as he is the one who created this world. And he always watch us.So he is not an ordinary hero. He is the BEST HERO!

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