Teacher Amal Abu Diab

by Ayat from East Jerusalem

My teacher is my hero because she's saved me from a big trouble - it was something stolen. This is what happened: the trouble happened when I was in grade 4th. I was with my friends in my class and suddenly came one girl from my class and said that I took something from her bag (but I didn't take anything) The teacher doesn’t believe her and said I know Ayat is very good and she doesn’t take anything from anyone (Ayat not a thief).

My teacher stayed with me to the end and she told everyone that: Ayat is not a thief. And because of that I loved her so much and she's my best hero.


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Author Info

Hello… name is AYAT. I was born in Jerusalem. I live in Ras ALamood … I'm in al-Ukwah School in 6th grade. My favourite hobby is swimming. I'm 12 years old and I live with my family. I have 1 sister and two brothers. I'm the elder one.