by Emily from Springfield

This is Amanda standing in the hallway. (This picture was taken by me last year.)
This is Amanda standing in the hallway. (This picture was taken by me last year.)

There are many heroes in the world. There are heroes everywhere. I believe heroes aren’t just firefighters and the police. They can be a normal everyday person. It’s a person you look up to and inspire you to be a certain person. My hero is my friend Amanda. Amanda has ways to cheer you up, act crazy and times when you want to roll your eyes.

Amanda, my hero, lives in Springfield. She lived there for about all her life. Throughout all the times I’m friends with her, I experienced some amazing times. There were tons of laughter, thousands of fights, and mostly many drama events. She was the one who accept me into a clique and make me the person I am today. I gain a lot of knowledge from her. I learned how to help people when they’re sad and what I should do when someone have a problem.

Amanda was always there for me. When I was sad, she would always be doing something stupid, and awkward. The ways she acts, always cheers me up, and her skills of doing that is pretty amazing. Whenever you are with Amanda, you will mostly be crazy. You’ll sit somewhere, bored out of your mind but when you see her, she always has a way to make you smile and eventually act crazy. One time, we were doing a project together and were over her house. When we were done with the project, we were bored. Then, she would do a something weird and it would make you crack up in tears. There are many times in her life that she would say or do something really lame like use her cell phone as a puppet. She would make it look like it is talking and you would stare at her in disbelief, rolling your eyes.

"Hero on the spot” is the chapter from The Hero’s Trail by T. A. Baron. “Hero on the spot” is people making wise decisions without a lot of time to analyze if it’s a good choice. It’s the best trait that Amanda has. Whenever you are in a fight or a problem occurs, she always backs you up. If you are at someplace and all of a sudden, there’s a burst of yelling, Amanda is there. At times she will yell back or sit and watch. Amanda would usually only yell, if the conflict involves her or her best friend. She would back you up in a fight and would always stand by your side when you’re feeling down. When there’s a fight that doesn’t involve her or her best friend, one good thing to do is to just sit on the side and watch the fight. I don’t blame her; our dramatic fights are really entertaining and are way better than cable. There is no point of stopping the fight, because it would only get worse. Therefore, the fight would turn very nonsense to the point, that you want to pull your hair out.

Many heroes out in the world need to be found. A hero can be anyone. They can be rich or poor. They can be famous or not. When you think of a hero, you probably think of someone famous or the fire fighter. But stop and think, heroes don’t always have to be someone famous, a fire fighter or the police. It can be an ordinary person in an everyday community doing normal everyday things. Amanda is my hero. Who’s your hero?

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