Bhimrao Ambedkar

by scholastika from Republic Of Korea (South Korea)

The Lowest Caste vs The Highest Freedom

Bhimrao Ambedkar was born in a disadvantaged environment in 1893. But he didn't yield to this background. He made himself educated and improved. Not only for him, but for all people from the lowest caste. Compared with Gandi, he was rather aggressive though, his will to change the people's life for the better has come true in real life and for a long time to come.

He recognized all the unfair functions under Hindi Religious traditions so he let the untouchable people change their religion to Buddhism. He changed the laws so that these people could be eligible for a basic subsidy. Because of Ambedkar's reforms, the untouchable people can now get jobs in the Indian Government as public servants.

Gandhi was so peaceful and a great human. For all he did, however, he could not change the people's real lives and values and rights to breathe in the same ground of India. Gandhi was born in an advantaged environment, while Ambedkar was not. Ambedkar had real life experience and knew how to handle the problems of the lower castes. His education didn't come from reading old books, it came from first-hand experience and, above all, the ability to see what was happening around him.

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