Young Heroes


by Ana from Tampico

consider, decide, do !

My heroes are my friends. I know them because they are in my school. Their names are: Melissa, Monica, Ana Gaby, Ale, Valeria, Katia, Moani, and Jessica. They are ones in 1A others in 1B and others in 1C. They live in different houses. They have different families. They have different attitudes. But they too are here from Tampico.

Why are they my heroes?
They are my heroes because I know that they will be always helping me. And helping me, too, in good and bad times. I know that they are good persons.
How have they affected my life, the way you see the world, the way you see life?
They have affected my life in the way I see the world, in peace. And the way I see life is so beautiful and sometimes can be bad. But sometimes we have to learn to see the world in 2 ways. One could be bad and the other sometimes will be good for once.

Why should other people look at your hero as a hero?
Other people should look at my hero as a hero because I know they are good. They are an example for others. Or maybe not an example but you can be like them. Or follow their words of right. Sometimes they can be wrong. But it doesn’t matter, we all have mistakes. So you can be right or wrong in some times.
How has this person encouraged you to be a better person?
These persons have encouraged me to be a better person by helping me in many moments of my life and sharing secrets no one knows and I trust in them.

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