Community Heroes

Amilbia and Martin

by Susana from Medellin

Who is your hero? My heroes are my Grandma and Grandpa. Their names are Amilbia and Martin. They hate using technology. They have been working for a lot of time. My Grandma for 15 years and my Grandpa for 24 years. They work on the Almacen Frances, in the middle of Medellin. They are my heroes because they help my family a lot. So do you think they are heroes?

Think, will you give to a family member the half of your money? Almost any person will do that. The second reasons why I chose them as my heroes is they work hard. They work hard because they like their job. Their job is to sell metal. For these reasons they are my heroes.

So if you will not give your money to another family member. That will make Martin and Amilbia heroes. Martin and Amilbia are my grandparents and my mom and aunt's parents. My Grandparents think they are not heroes. But I really think they are heroes.

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