Young Heroes


by Sarah from Springfield

It’s the middle of the night and she’s rushed to the hospital. Something’s completely wrong, and no one knows what to do. She lies there in the hospital bed with that horrible gown on. In pain and sadness she lays there trying to hold on, thinking of something that she needs to stay on this Earth for. She has it, she’s going to stay here so she can dance, dance for life. This isn’t something that is just an activity, it’s a life style, but she still lies in the bed. This time Amy’s holding on to life, for good.

My hero is Amy Helmig; she’s someone who can help you get through life as well as going through her own. Currently she’s living in Pennsylvania, with her family and is going into her junior year of high School. She was born on March 1st and has lived in Pennsylvania her entire life, but has made a huge difference. In her Kindergarten year of elementary school, she became extremely sick. She had to get many, many tests done and was finally diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. When she was diagnosed with this disease, her life was drastically changed. She was forced to start taking immense amounts of medicine, but with that medicine came her bravery.

When she first started off she had to face not only the challenges of her disease, but the challenges of school. She is a lot smaller than everyone else, which would make you think that she’d be popular and teasing wouldn’t occur, but it does. When everything was happening she started ballet. She became an outstanding ballet dancer and showed everyone she was able to do it as well as everyone else that was perfectly healthy. She was able to be Clara two years running in the Nutcracker. She’s also an amazing listener, and if anyone in the world has a problem she would listen to them like they are the most important person. So whatever is needed to be done, she will help them out with her heart of pure gold.

Amy is a great hero. In T. A. Barron’s book A Hero’s Trail he would describe Amy as a hero within. This means that she’s gone through some difficult times and that she has made some great things out of those terrible situations. Even though she’s lived with this disease practically her whole life, it doesn’t make it any easier than if she got it right now, it just means she’s always looked at things in a more positive way. Yes, she didn’t survive the 9/11 incident, or is a powerful super hero, but she’s as much as a hero as any of them.

Amy has survived through Crohn's and has come around it. She’s looked at the glass half-full most of the times, but that doesn’t mean that a hero always has to be the strong one all the time. Yes, she’s has rough patches where she felt as if she was being smashed, but she’s come around it. Really anyone can be a hero, if they help others out, or if they’re a role model, but Amy really is a great hero. If you ever need to look at someone for answers or to just listen you can go to this hero. She’s the one who’s been a hero within throughout her whole life and the greatest giving hero you’ll ever meet. So this hero isn’t super strong, with super flying powers, or the capability to turn invisible, but she has the capability to turn the world upside down when she shares her “powers”.

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