by Stefan from St. Louis


What is a hero? A hero is someone that does something extraordinary or out of the ordinary. Some heroes are super heroes from comics. Some are ordinary people that overcome challenges in life. This is why my mom is my hero.

My mom’s name is Amy. She was born in Marshfield, Wisconsin. She went to many schools growing up. Her mom and dad were divorced when she was young. During school she had to overcome many hardships and challenges.

When my mom was in high school she got good grades. She was on the honor role, but she started to experiment with a lot of drugs. One night, she spent the night at her best friend's house. She started to vomit white stuff. Her friend freaked out and told her dad and the counselor at school that she was doing drugs. So her dad sent her to rehab. There is where my mom overcame the drugs.

When my mom turned 17 she had me. She was a single parent. She finished high school on the honor role, but she had a hard time taking care of me and she also got made fun of because she was poor. After high school she turned down a lot of scholarships and grants for college to take care of me. She believe the first year of my life was important and she didn’t want to miss out.

She sang in a band and tattooed for a living to save money for a technical college. She got her degree in Mechanical Design Technology two years later. After college she married and had my little sister Brittney. After a few years She got divorced with Brittany’s dad. It was then she decided to go back to school for what she originally wanted, which was to teach art to children. She worked a full time job, two part-time jobs, attended school and made it to every one of my hockey games. A couple years later she found my step-dad and got remarried. He encouraged her to finish school and go full time. Shortly after, she was accepted to Washington University and had my youngest sister Avi. She went Washington University to get her dual degree in sculpture and education. She finished in honors and earned her degree to teach art kindergarten through twelfth grade.

This is why she is my hero. She has done bad and good things. She has overcome a lot of bad things that she has done in her life. She also prevailed in school making all A’s and being on the honor role while all these things were going on in her life. Amy is my mom and my hero.

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