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Anne Frank

by Anne from Wyoming

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Anne Frank

For my hero I chose Anne Frank (1929-1945). Anne Frank was a little girl who hid from the Nazis while they were invading Holland. So in hopes for survival her and her family left their home in Amsterdam and went into hiding with her family and some of her family’s friends. While in hiding she kept a diary, it was so inspiring. Hearing the view of someone who had went through it and saw it first hand is even more powerful than reading about it in some history book.

For one thing I believe that she was very courageous. She hid from the Nazis even though she knew that what she was doing was very dangerous and that she could get killed for doing it. Also she stayed strong while she heard the bombings and when she heard about what was happening to some of their friends. Like the concentration camps and how they were being killed.

Another reason why I believe that she is a hero is because she was very smart. When they were still allowed to attend a normal school she was in a higher class. After she went into hiding her family had the people who were helping they get books and text books so in that way they could have lessons and learn French. Her older sister had been helping her with some of her mathematics and English.

All in all she was a very inspirational person. She was amazing to be able to go through that and still stay in control of her anger, sadness, and everything that could have made life in the “Secret Annexe” horrible. Most people in our generation would not have been able to be in that type of state.

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