Young Heroes

Ana Luisa

by Alexandra from New York

Ana at school
Ana at school

My hero is my friend Ana Luisa. She was born in Lima, Peru, but now she lives here in New York. Her parents are Nelma and Esteban. Today her mom works in a factory and her dad in a restaurant. She lived in a good neighborhood in Peru. Her life was difficult because she didn’t live with her parents. Her dad was already in the United States when she was born. When she was about 2 years old, her mom also left to go to the United States. She grew up with her grandmother and she couldn’t see her parents. When she was 9 years old she finally came to the U.S. herself. She got here by plane; she came with her cousin and her little cousin.

When she was little she had a hero. It was her cousin because her cousin protected her from danger. Ana is an honest person and she’s like my best friend. We hang out a lot and sometimes we go shopping. I think she is my hero because she tells me what’s right for me. She protects me and defends me when something happens. She influences me because she is a nice person and she has done good things for me. That is why we are best friends and she is my hero.

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