by Ian from Farmersville

A Hero to me is someone who is nice, smart, funny, and also someone who has everything in H.E.A.R.T. which is H for Honesty, E for effective, A for accountable, R for respectful, T for thoughtful. My hero is the first one in our family to enter college ever. This is why she is my hero. She is also a hero to others in our family.

My hero's name is Analy Talamante, my aunt. She never gave up. Even though she struggled she kept on going, no matter what. She graduated college and became a high school councilor to inspire others to go to college and to be successful in their career and in life. Going to college changed her life in every way.

She became my hero because she also inspired me to go to college as well, like the other people she also inspired. To make me have a good future like her and to never give up even to reach your future career and also to never to give up in your struggle in life. She graduated from Arizona college and from Ottawa University. This is why she became my hero.

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