Adrian Jarvis Andrews Sr.

by Adrian from Waldurf

The person that look up to the most is my dad. My dad is my hero because he is my role model and my favorite person in the world. He always tells me positive things when I feel bad. And he teaches me about what I need to know.

My dad traits are very hard to explain. My dad is very positive guy, he always tells me that he loves me and that he wants to watch me successed. He is always very kind, and he is always laughing. My dad flys planes for the army. He is a Cheif Warrent Officer.

My stepbrother considers him a hero because my dad is kind to him and teast him fair. My stepbrother likes my dad because he help us with our homework. My stepbrother and I always get in trouble he always gives us speeches. My stepbrother and I always argue and when we do he gives us speech and sceams at us.

My dad had to overcome adversity. When my dad was a kid he saw his mom only on the weekends. And when he turned 18 he saw his dad for the first time.My dad went and joined the army. When he first started he went though hard times. Then meet my mom and had 2 girls and 1 boy.

My dad has a motto to somethings. He plays the lotto when ever he can. He told me once you can't win it if you ain't in it. My dad tells us if you lie you always have to back that lie up.

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