Andy Warhol

by Gabby from Howell

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“ They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” This quotation was spoken by the brilliant pop-artist Andy Warhol. These words inspire me to make a difference, even if it is just in myself, and this is why I consider Andy Warhol to be one of my heroes.

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Andy Warhol

There are many personal definitions of a hero. To me, a hero is someone that challenges my thinking, or shows me the world through a different pair of eyes. A hero is also someone who inspires me, or motivates me to be a better person. A hero also has to be a mentally strong person, who uses philosophical ideas to make day to day life easier. I admire people who learn from mistakes, and don’t dwell on the past. I could find these heroic qualities in a person I am close to, or a person that I have never even met before. All in all, a hero is someone that is one of a kind, and who can help me find the best inside myself, even if it is just through words on paper.

The first thing that inspires me about Andy Warhol is his art. Andy Warhol had the power to change the whole art scene, by using elements from things that were around him. He portrayed reality in a different way. His various pieces inspire me to go beyond what I expect of myself. Some may view him as a sell-out for painting celebrities and pop-culture, but he’s the closest reflection of what the world really has come to be. “If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me; there I am. There's nothing behind it.” After I heard this quotation, I realized that Andy Warhol seemed to be a true and pure individual. His work is a true taste of originality, which the world lacks today. Through pictures, Andy Warhol inspires me to have an open mind, and to change what the world is supposed to look like.

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Andy Warhol's Art

Andy Warhol also inspires me through his philosophical theories. After reading the ‘Philosophy of Andy Warhol,’ I discovered a lot of things about myself, and how I would like to live my life. Many, if not all, of his ideas are still relevant today, despite that the book was written in the 1970s. Andy Warhol is definitely an independent thinker who isn’t afraid to express his ideas. He inspires me to do the same. His book also inspired me to write an essay about my opinion that art has become just another trend. His ideas show that his view of life is much different from others. One my favorite quotations by him is, “Isn't life just a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?” In my opinion, life seems to be a daily routine with only a bit of change, but this quotation reminds me to have a broader horizon when I consider ideas. For the most part, I agree with Andy Warhol’s philosophical ideas. I know these ideas are going to help me in life, and they run through my mind continuously through out the day. His ideas show me how a simple thought can make a difference.

My hero reminds me to be different, to think differently, and to see differently. He reminds me not to give into a daily routine, to be strong, and to find the best within myself. Although we have never met, he has made a difference in my life, and he managed to do this all through pictures, words and ideas. This is why, in my eyes, Andy Warhol is a Hero.

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