by Lauren from Jasper

Angel, my dog, is a hero to both me and two puppies. My dog has always made me feel wanted and special when I needed the "thought," and has saved two black Labrador puppies from almost certain death.

Angel at 6 and a half months old (my own picture)
Angel at 6 and a half months old (my own picture)

Angel was adopted by my family on August 6, 2004 from the Lufkin Humane Society. She is about four years old and her birthday is sometime in March. She now lives in my family's house, and always has since she was six months old. Before we adopted Angel, she was at the Lufkin Humane Society for a month. Anything before that is unknown.

One time my family went on vacation while Angel stayed at the groomer's. The groomer has a small fenced in yard that she lets the dogs she cares for run around in for an hour or so every day. It was Angel’s turn to be let out, but two younger black lab puppies were already outside. My dog probably just laid around, but the two puppies were jumping around and chasing each other all over the yard. One of the puppies ran up against a few of the white boards on the fence, but one of them came loose, and the puppy tumbled out onto the road. The other puppy followed, of course, and they both ran out to the road. Angel saw the potential disaster, and flew over to the flipped up fence. The puppies were rolling around in the road, and a car wasn’t far off. Angel ran to the backdoor and started barking and jumping around. The groomer finally came out, and saw Angel run over to the broken fence. The groomer made her way over, peeked over the fence, and noticed that the two puppies were in the road. The groomer ran out of the yard and scooped up the puppies. The puppies had barely been in the groomer’s arms a few seconds when a car whooshed by on the road.

Angel at four and a half years old (my own picture)
Angel at four and a half years old (my own picture)

Angel is important to everyone in my family. Angel makes our home feel complete, with mother, father, children, and house pet. She greets everyone that comes to our door and brings us random gifts. Angel also protects my family at night. One night, someone was attempting to get into our house (we think). Angel began barking and running around the door, and wouldn’t stop. So, my dad walked outside and scanned the vicinity. He saw a man, running towards the woods. If Angel hadn’t made all that noise in the house, then that person would have gotten away with what he had planned.

Angel is a cuddly dog when she wants to be, and then can go outside and rule over the other neighborhood dogs just because she can. Angel is a perfect dog for my family, because she is willing to do whatever, and will obey all commands. She’ll comfort anyone around when they need it, then jump around in the mud to entertain another. Angel will light up anyone’s day, and that’s why she’s a hero.

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