Teachers Heroes


by Savannah from California

"Ordinary people are heroes everyday, even if they aren’t ordinary to you.”

You watch television all the time and you always imagine your hero as Wonder Woman, Batman or even Spiderman. All my life I have thought of heroes as people who are not ordinary, who have an amazing life with super powers. I am sixteen and I still believed heroes were better than everyone else and they would be there to help you at the first sight of danger. That was until now. I am glad that in today's society heroes are ordinary people who you can personally relate to. My hero is the ultimate hero but she is ordinary, she listened when she didn't have to and she helped me believe in myself again.

You already know my hero is an ordinary person. She isn't even a fire fighter or police officer, she is a teacher. A Chemistry teacher who teaches a bunch of teenagers. Last year I had her as my Chemistry teacher and I just thought of her as any regular teacher. Throughout the year I realized she is a good person, she is down to earth and a dork. By her teaching Chemistry, it made me love Chemistry so this school year I decided to take AP Chemistry. I happened to get her again as my teacher. She has a busy life. She is a coach, she teaches Chemistry, she is the leader of the science department, she has tutoring before and after school for students, and she had many other activities outside of school that she does. She has a hectic life and she still listens to me.

At the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year, I had many problems going on. My conflicts were so intense that they were taking over me. I didn't care about school or even life itself. I knew that I had to talk to someone but I didn't have anyone to talk to. It got to the point where I broke down and I was harming myself and I was suicidal. I thought about everyone in my life and I didn't know who I could trust. One day it just came to me and I knew I could tell my teacher everything and she wouldn't look at me any different. I told her and she helped me believe again. She helped me realize what was good in life.

My teacher helped me build the courage to tell my mom what had been going on. She got me the help that I needed. When I felt like I had no one to turn to she was there. If I felt depressed or angry or I just needed to talk I could go to her and just say I need to talk and she would stop grading papers or stop setting up a lab to help me. She was there when I was dying of thirst and my friends and I went to a random house to ask for water. By luck it was her house. When I had felt down and felt like everything was building up again. I wanted to die and I had gone through with a plan, but when I saw my teacher at school, I realized that it wouldn't be fair to her or anyone else if I die. It would be selfish of me because she had helped me so much.

My friend had told my teacher about how I had taken some pills and my teacher made sure I was okay and then sent me to the nurse's office. My teacher saved my life because my friend wouldn't have told the nurse.

My hero is Angela. She isn't just my hero, she is also my guardian angel and my teacher. I don’t look at her like a regular teacher anymore. I look at her as my friend. She is not selfish, she is not stuck up, and she is not a super hero. However, she is nice, she is trustworthy, and she is my hero. She is an ordinary person but to me she is anything but ordinary. A hero is someone you can trust, someone who you look up to, someone who won't judge you, someone who helps you, someone that you can just talk to, someone who is there for you constantly, and that someone is Angela. I am thankful to call her my hero.

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