Angelina Jolie

by Delfina from Buenos Aires


My hero is Angelina Jolie she was born in United States. She helps refugees in Africa the Balkans, Sierra Loene, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Thailand and Pakistan in addition to Ecuador. She works as an actress and is super generous. I chose her because she helped at United Nations High Commissions for refugees. She adopted three children with Brad Pitt.

Her idea of helping refugees started when she traveled for first time to Africa and she realized that there was a lot she was unaware of and she didn’t learn at school, so she wanted to understand and she realized that the UN had always protected human rights for people. She started reading lots and lots of books and from there she became the Goodwill Ambassador from UN.

When she first traveled to visit a refugee camp, her first impression or surprise was that a lot of children and people have been forced to run for their lives. Most of them were children and almost all of them lived in a camp feeling as if they were murderers. The smaller camps have 200 or 300 people approximately and the largest camps have the size of a small village.

Some of the camps have hundreds and thousands of people suffering and living in terrible conditions and one of the biggest problems is the food distribution because they get it only every two weeks. The positive aspects of these camps are the medical care and primary school for children.

Angelina Jolie is important for me because she has a real kind heart by helping a lot of people and that is how peace is built and so it will be an excellent idea if more people get involved in these missions.

Angelina Jolie changed my life because she gave me hope that kindness and courage can save a lot of lives. She showed me in a way that it is really worthwhile to do something for other people in different conditions. I learned a lot from her and that makes her my hero.

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