Angus Young: Let There Be A Hero and Rock

by Tyler from Cupertino High School

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Angus Young

"ANGUS…ANGUS…ANGUS…ANGUS!" These are the words you would hear if you were to experience the rush and thrill that Angus Young shoots at you at an AC/DC gig. Aside from being one of rock’s shortest musicians, his “school boy” outfit makes any audience comfortable, and his guitar skills can get any audience excited to listen to music.

Born in Scotland, in March, 1959, Angus Young was no stranger to the power and excitement that was Rock and Roll. His older brother, George, was a guitarist for the popular Aussi band, The Easybeats. After moving to Australia in 1963, George Young started giving Angus and his brother Malcolm guitar lessons. Soon after, Malcolm formed a band called, The Velvet Underground. Aside from taking guitar lessons, Angus was just a regular kid that didn’t really like school. When Angus was 15, his brother Malcolm decided to form a new band called AC/DC (Alternate Current/Direct Current). At first, Angus didn’t really like the idea of being the lead guitarist in his brother’s band, but after Malcolm convinced him to join, Angus jumped on board with other band members Dave Evans, Colin Burgess, and Larry Kriedt. With the line-up all set, and ready to go, AC/DC recorded their first single, “Can I Sit Next To You Girl." Later, Bon Scott replaced vocalist Dave Evans, Mark Evans replaced bassist Larry Kriedt, and Phil Rudd replaced drummer Colin Burgess. Now, with this new line up, Angus Young and the rest of the group recorded their debut album, High Voltage.

Angus Young is a hero because he and AC/DC have put on benefit concerts for important causes. After head-lining The Monsters of Rock Festival, in Donington, Russian officials called up the band and told them that the citizens of Moscow wanted them to perform in Moscow. Right away, Angus was all for the idea of stopping their world tour, and performing a free concert for the citizens of Moscow. I don’t know of many other bands that would put their tours on hold in order to perform without getting paid. I think this says a lot about Angus and the attitude of AC/DC. Also, just recently, Angus preformed at a SARS benefit concert with the Rolling Stones, in Montréal, Canada.

Angus Young is my hero because he pioneered a unique style of guitar playing, and he has put on a lot of benefit concerts, with little or no notice. He always tries to use every part of a stage, and does a faster version of Chuck Barry’s “Duck Walk." He also has a gimmick in which he falls on the floor and pretends to have a spasm, while spinning on the ground and playing his guitar. Angus Young has been an influence in the music of Green Day’s leading man, Billie Joe Armstrong. Angus is also my hero because he doesn’t consider himself to be a soloist. In a lot of interviews, the reporters always ask him if he thinks that he is the leading man in his band. In an interview with Guitar World Magazine , Angus states, “I look at AC/DC as a band. I mean, there are solo people who just do that sort of thing, and it’s fine. But I like it as a band- a unit.” That comment says a lot about the type of guy that is Angus Young, and I like that.

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