Teachers Heroes

Anna Pittman

by Camille from Greensboro

Anna Pittman <br>(Photo by Mrs. Caudle)
Anna Pittman
(Photo by Mrs. Caudle)

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Pittman. Since the beginning of fifth grade she has always made learning fun for me. She is a teacher at Greensboro Day School. During reading groups, Mrs. Pittman makes the books feel like they are coming to life. Her good sense of humor makes everyone adore her, and that is why I picked her for my hero. Mrs. Pittman treats all of her students the same and she understands when a kid makes a mistake or forgets to do their homework.

She makes jokes about the subjects we are studying, so we have a fun way to remember what we learned! Once she made our class say before a test that we were the smartest class and we could pass the test. She has changed my life and I will never forget her even when I am in college.

Mrs. Pittman (Image by Karson)
Mrs. Pittman (Image by Karson)

Some teachers I have had in the past have favorite students. Not Mrs. Pittman! She also makes us feel like adults. She is the fairest teacher I have ever had, and I have had a lot of teachers in the past.

Have you ever had a teacher that yells at you when you forget their homework? Well I have. Mrs. Pittman does not get angry when her students forget their homework. She just says in a stern voice, remember to bring it tomorrow. Why can’t all teachers be like her?

She is a teacher that I enjoy very much. Once I am in sixth grade, I will visit her a lot. You rock Mrs. Pittman!!!

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