Teachers Heroes

Anna Pittman

by Christopher from Greensboro

Mrs. Pittman (Photographer Mrs. Caulde)
Mrs. Pittman (Photographer Mrs. Caulde)

My hero is one of my dear teachers who has helped me in life. Her name is Anna Pittman who teaches at Greensboro Day School and lives in Greensboro North Carolina. She is challenging, fair, and fun to be around. Also she makes you feel like you are ready for the next grade at the end of the year. Before every test she tells us all we need to know and we do superb work.

If you are feeling uneasy about going into the next grade you should come to Mrs. Pittman’s class. Every day you come to class feeling prepared for that day, and you also learn at least one fact every day. If you thought you could not do any better in that grade… think again because she will stretch you like taffy. Some people think that she is strict but she is getting you really prepared for the next grade.

She is not only fair but devotes her time to her class. We do most of the work in class and only have a little amount of homework. If there is a test that week she gives us almost no homework so we can study long and hard for that test. The day before the test makes you feel like “oh no I’m going to die”, except in Mrs. Pittman’s class. She tells us everything we need to know on the test, and sometimes gives us hints on how to study.

Mrs. Pittman (Image by Christopher)
Mrs. Pittman (Image by Christopher)

She is the most fun and funniest teacher I have ever known in my life. Sometimes she tells us the most wonderful stories of her life. It is interesting to see want she wears that day also, like a bright orange dress or something that is related to a holiday. She also sometimes does these funny voices that make us crack up.

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