Young Heroes

Anne Frank

by Breanna from Wyoming

In this essay I’m going to share some information about the hero I read about these past couple weeks. My hero was Anne Frank. What she did was go through the Holocaust bravely. She lived in Holland, and my hero lived from June 12, 1929-1945. Also some information about why I chose her as my hero.

Some of the things my hero has done is shown bravery. Anne Frank showed bravery by not being afraid out loud. She wrote down her feelings in her diary. Around people she tried not to act afraid. Another thing she has done is grown wiser. She has grown wiser on knowing when and when not to make noise. Also she studies in hiding. She is also smart. She learned French while she was in hiding. She was very dedicated to her education.

Next I’m going to talk about where she lived. Anne Frank lived in Holland. She also went to school in Holland. After the beginning of the Holocaust all the Jews lost their privileges. They had to go to an only Jewish school. During the days out of hiding it was very hot. When it was they wished they could drive rather then walk everywhere. Where Anne lived there were a lot of army people moving in and making sure the Jews were following the rules.

Also my hero lived from 1929-1945. She was 16 when she died. She died in a Concentration Camp at Bergen-Belsen. She lived 2 years of her life in hiding. This was especially interesting because in school she always got in trouble for talking so much. While she was in hiding she had to stay quiet for a long time each day. Also I thought it was interesting for them having 9 people hiding for so long. Especially without getting caught. I’m also surprised they didn’t get caught sooner because of how Mr. And Mrs. Van Daan used to fight all the time. They screamed at each other. Then Mrs. Van Daan screamed all the time when guns would go off or something.

Last but not least Anne Frank is important to me because she showed courage. She showed courage by not freaking out. When burglars snuck into the business she stayed calm. She also showed courage when Mrs. Van Daan started yelling at her, she wasn’t afraid. She also showed respect. She showed respect by not yelling back at someone who yelled at her, or was doing something they weren’t supposed to. She stayed calm. Ann Frank is important to me because she showed that just because you don’t have a lot of stuff you could still be happy. She showed this because they had very few things and food, but she looked at the bright side and made things positive. She made things positive by saying that things could be worse. They could be dead, or they could be getting caught.

All in all I hope you found Anne Frank as interesting as I did. I also hope you learned a few things like: Who she was, What she has done, Where she lived, When she lived, and why she is important to me.

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