Young Heroes

anne frank

by ana from Tampico

The definition of the word hero, for me, is: a person who is friendly, does anything just to save another person’s life, is a person that can survive, that finds new things, that is competitive, that never gives up. A hero can have superpowers or he can be very handsome -- but the only thing that really matters is that the hero cares about other people, and that he/she helps other people’s lives. A hero could also be someone who discovers something, or invents something, such as Albert Einstein did. A hero for me is also someone competitive, someone that never gives up and ia able to reach their goals, even when they have a bad life. One such hero was Anne Frank.

Anne Frank has hiding from the Nazis for 3 years in her home. She could never leave - she had to stay hidden there. She wrote a diary where she explained what was happening, where she was, and what were her feelings were during that time.

The Nazis eventually found Anne and her family, and took them to a concentration camp, separating them into groups. Years later Anne’s mother died of starvation, sadly only one day before they were liberated. Anne’s sister and Anne died of typhus in 1945, tragically also only a few weeks before they were liberated.

Otto Frank, her father, was the only survivor. He was liberated and returned to the abandoned house and found Anne’s diary in a drawer. He read it, and it is said he started to cry because he remembered and missed his family.

Anne Frank is a hero because despite the fact that she was hidden in a house for 3 years, she still looked at life in a positive manner, and never was mad about the life she was forced to live. She always was a good daughter, and she was a brave and strong individual.

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