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Anne Frank

by Tati from Buenos Aires

Anne Frank
Anne Frank

My hero is Anne Frank. She was Jewish and suffered the consequences of being Jewish. She had been hiding from the Nazis for 25 months, with her family and friends, until the Nazis found them. Edith Frank, Anne’s mother died on January 1945. Margot, Anne’s sister died in 1945 like her sister Anne. Otto, Anne’s father, was the only survivor from the family. Otto entered the Annex and found Anne’s diary.

The Frank family suffered more than you can imagine; the only reason that proves it, is Anne’s diary. This diary had Anne’s everyday life when she was in the Secret Annex. She thought that the Annex was an ideal place to hide in. Although it may be damp there was probably not a more comfortable place to hide in Amsterdam. The Annex protected them from danger. They lived almost 3 years inside without going out.

Anne never lost hope and she always looked at the bright side of things; even when she was hiding, she never doubted that she would get out alive. A hero should always be positive, that is why she is one. Another reason for her being a hero was the patience she needed to stay calm and relax.

This person is important for me because she was patient, relaxed and always thought positively. I wouldn’t stay calm in a Secret Annex.

She became a new hero to the world after writing her diary. When you read the diary, you can imagine the sadness and depression she was feeling at that moment. By writing her diary she made people understand that the 6 million Jews killed had faces, lives and a personality. She had been called the “human face of the Holocaust” and made people understand the horror about killing Jewish people.

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