Anne Frank

by Sofie from Mozambique

Anne Frank is my hero. Anne was born on August 12, 1929. Anne’s dad was called Otto, her sister was called Margot, and her mom was called Edith. Anne and her family were hiding in an attic when they slowly tiptoed down to Otto’s warehouse. Everyday the only thing they could hear were the low whispers of the family or the radio running softly every night.

In April 1941, all Dutch Jews were forced to wear yellow stars that said JEW. Then, Hitler allowed them to go outside their homes. Later, Hitler decided to send all Jews to concentration camps. It was easy for him to tell because all Jews were wearing yellow stars and Anne was one of them. Anne was a Jew. Someone told the authorities where Anne’s family was hiding and then Hitler’s police went up to where they were hiding and they got sent to a concentration camp. Anne’s dad was the only one who survived through all the concentration camps he had gone to.

The war ended in 1945 so Otto was in the concentration camp for one year. Anne and Margot got sent to three concentration camps. In the third one, Anne died. She died of Typhoid fever. In the concentration camp all Dutch Jews were forced to shave off their hair from Hitler. Some years after Otto were arrested and were given the diary from one of Anne’s friends, Miep. Anne died when she was 16 years old a bit before her sixteenth birthday.

This person interests me because I love reading people's diaries. Anne wrote a diary. Her dad, Otto published it because he thought that Anne’s experiences would help other people by encouraging them to take risks. In her diary, Anne wrote how she felt when she was hiding from the Nazis and her thoughts, dreams, and experiences all in her diary!

Anne Frank is a hero because she was confident and brave. Even though she was scared but she still did it!

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