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Anne Frank

by Brianna from Centennial

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. -Anne Frank
Anne Frank (
Anne Frank (

Hope is a hard quality to have. My hero Anne Frank showed me that you couldn’t give up even if it is a hard time in your life. Anne Frank also had courage and showed everyone that it’s okay to be afraid but don’t get terrified.

My hero Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany on June 12, 1929 and moved to Amsterdam in 1933. Anne Frank made a difference by proving no matter how hard life gets you can get trough it.

This is the diary of Anne Frank (
This is the diary of Anne Frank (

Before Anne Frank went into hiding she got a diary for her 13th birthday that she had pointed out earlier. She wrote about the yellow star which all Jews were forced to wear in public. Anne with her family and four others went into hiding in July 1942. They spent 25 months in an attic because they were hiding from the Nazis during World War ll. In March 1945, nine months after she was arrested, Anne Frank died from typhus. After she was dead her diary was saved and turned into a famous book.

T.A Barron's book A Hero's Trail (
T.A Barron's book A Hero's Trail (

In the book A Hero’s Trail by T.A. Barron, Anne Frank would be a survivor hero because she survived in an attic for 3 years, hiding from the Nazis. She wrote a diary while in the attic telling her story about how she survived. Soon her diary became a famous book. My hero’s qualities are adaptability, hope, courage, and faith.

Anne Frank has a lot of qualities that she has proven she fits and had a lot of crises in her life. She is my hero because she showed me that you could overcome anything if you truly want to! Thanks Anne Frank!

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