Anne Frank

by Karen from Commerce city

My definition of a hero will be always there for you, help you with anything or begin there for you and they are able to reach there goals. Anne Frank is my hero because she got every thing she wanted came true even if it took a long time. She always found good in all the bad things. My hero has done many amazing things when she was alive and after she died.

My hero has done amazing things. First, she managed to stay alive while hiding. For example, when she was a hiding from the Nazis she manage to stay alive for about two years until she got caught by the Nazi. Many people say that she got caught because a burglar when into the hiding place which was a hardware that was owned by her father and when the burglar got caught he turned in the information he knew in order to be set free. If they hadn’t gotten caught they maybe had stayed there for a much longer time and there possibility if staying a live would had been greater.

Once, while at the concentration camps called "Bergen Belsen" she was able to temporarily save a girls life for two days. The girl who was temporarily sixteen years old at that time stayed at their assigned hut. She was wounded from her knee and Anne attended her every night. After the girl got executed Anne had to do many labor hours during her sleeping time. I think that is really thoughtful of her because instead of those hard labor hours she risked her own life to at least try to save somebody else’s life .

Anne, 15, was dead just because of her beliefs. Thousands, of other millions of people murdered because they were Jews. Why someone would think difference is wrong, I don't know. When Otto returned to the Annex, he found Anne's diary. As he read it, he was amazed at the stuff she had to say in his Anne's diary. He hadn't known that Anne was such a good writer. After a while, Otto got the diary published, and it is now translated in over 50 languages. It is also held on a museum. Anne's dream of becoming a writer finally came true. Now, her hiding place now called the "Annex" is a place where homeless people could who and spend time in there till they a job or a place to live.

All in all, Anne Frank will always be remember as a girl that struggled for her freedom. Thanks to her many people that thought difference was something bad know don't think that and it opened many people eyes. Now because of her book it thought me, to think everything in a positive way and not to treat people different, even if I didn't before, because we are all humans. What I liked about Anne Frank was that she always found good on all the bad things. For example she thought that even Adolph Hitler was killing many Jews she knew that there was still good in him even if he didn't show it. May she rest in peace now.

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