Anne Frank

by Lindsay from Sandown

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Anne Frank

A hero is someone who’s always positive and helps people out. Anne Frank was born June 12, 1929. Anne had been in hiding from Nazis for 25 months with her family. She kept a diary that she wrote in everyday. Anne was a smart nice girl. People thought of Anne as being a hero because she was always positive and never was she unselfish. Anne and her sister died of typhus in a concentration camp. Anne died in April 1945. Anne and her family lived in the secrete Annex for almost 3 years without ever setting foot outdoors. When Anne Frank was a little girl, her teacher described her as someone who always spoke her mind, someone who liked attention, and liked to make people laugh.

Anne was a brave person too because she would sit up on the bed at night and listen to the sirens from the Nazis who would later take her friends and family. She also heard the bomb explosions as the war raged around her. In Anne’s diary, it said that 6 million Jews were killed in the holocaust. Anne helped teach people that the holocaust did happen, and it was a horrible thing. If Anne didn’t help, the world would never know the intensity of the pain caused during this time. If Anne had lived, she would have been famous for her life, not her death.

This person inspires me because she went through a lot when she was little but that didn’t stop her from being a nice person and being always positive. She would always help people out when they needed the help. I also thought that it was kind of cool that she kept a diary because, if she didn’t, I don’t think we would know much about Anne Frank. Those are the reasons why Anne Frank inspires me.

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