Anne Frank

by Sara from Selden

Anne Frank (
Anne Frank (

A hero is a person who is looked up to, and has done something noble or brave, or overcame something. My hero is Anne Frank; she was a cheerful, smart and overall optimistic girl despite the time and place she lived in. She lived only to the age of sixteen. She was Jewish and lived most of her life in hiding because of the Holocaust. During her brief lifetime she wrote in her diary; at first her writings were normal, describing her everyday life, but as time passed, she wrote about more important things. Her life was full of challenges to overcome.

Anne Frank is an important person. She continuously wrote in her diary from the time she was 13. She also continued to write during the Holocaust. Anne wrote about her life in the secret annex, family issues, and what was happening to Jewish people who lived in Germany. She also wrote about her dreams to become a writer. After her death, her diary was given to her father, who published it. Her dream to be a writer came true when her diary was published.

Anne Frank was born in Frankfort, a city in Germany. Her family later moved to a house on Marbachweg. In the summer of 1933 Anne’s family stayed with their grandmother, in Aachen. In 1934 the Frank family moved to Amsterdam (which is in the Netherlands), and went into hiding in the secret annex in 1942. In 1944, the Frank family was discovered and was sent to a concentration camp in Westerbok (in the Netherlands), a month later they were taken to a camp in Poland. In the end of the year, Anne and her sister were transferred to Bergen-Belsen (in Germany), where they both died.

My hero was born on June 12, 1929. She lived during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a period of time in which Hitler was in power, and controlled Germany. He forced the country against Jewish people by punishing those who were Jewish, and people who supported them, and publishing news articles that were against Jews. Anne was forced to go into hiding because of this. Her death, which was in the year 1945 (she was 16), was caused by living in a concentration camp, where most captured Jews died.


Anne Frank is important to me, because she is an inspiring person. During her lifetime she endured racism, discrimination, and having to live in hiding. She has inspired me to be optimistic about life because hers was full of challenges, and she was optimistic. She has also inspired me to not give up on my dreams. She didn’t give up on her dream to be a writer, and her diary got published. She has showed me to look to the bright side of life because of her writings in her diary.

A memorial of Anne Frank, and her sister Margot (
A memorial of Anne Frank, and her sister Margot (

Anne Frank has made a difference in the lives of others. She has been a good friend to the people she knew, and a good sister. She was a happy young girl that changed the lives of not only people she knew, but people she didn’t know. The publication of her diary made it so that her life, which was full of challenges, could be read by many. Anne has made a difference in the lives of the many people who have read her diary. She has inspired others like she inspired me.

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