Anne Frank

by Jazmin from Buenos Aires

<a href=>This picture is of Anne Frank </a>
This picture is of Anne Frank

My hero is called Anne Frank. She was a Jewish girl who wrote a diary while hiding with her family and four other friends in Amsterdam. She is a hero because as she was Jewish during the Nazi occupation in Amsterdam where she lived, their parents decided to hide on the father’s office and stay there until the Nazis went away.

Anne lived in her dad’s office for two years. In those two years she wrote a diary that explained in details what was happening outside in the streets and her feelings when the Nazis were near her. The story of the Frank’s family started one day when the Nazis started chasing the Jews in Germany. The Frank family decided to move to Amsterdam, Holland, because they wanted to escape from the soldiers who would take all the Jewish people to the concentration camps. The Nazis invaded Amsterdam. Anne’s family and friends decided to hide in Anne’s dad office because they knew that hiding in that place they would never find them.

Anne started writing the story one afternoon when she was bored because she wanted to write what her life was like at that moment. She wrote first about the description of the office and then she started writing about what really want was happening in there like the sirens she heard the bombs and all the war noises she heard. One year had gone by and she was still living there with her family and friends. Two years later the family was caught. Anne hide the diary under a shelf so nobody would find it. The soldiers took her and her sister both together to the concentration camps.

The real importance of that Diary is the evidence. Thanks to her now I know the story of Anne Frank and how she suffered trying not to be found. She wrote the story because she wanted to remember after she was free the horrible moments she had when she was locked in the Middle of an office. This story is an evidence of the life of Anne who lived a terrible moment and how the Nazis wanted to get the Jewish people, who tried to escape and hide so nobody would find them.

Anne Frank made a big difference in my life because she helped me realize that if you are in the middle of a war by writing that Diary you well show all the world what she was happening at that moment. She created the evidence to the world showing the bad moment she had in those times. In my opinion Anne Frank is a Hero because thanks to her now we all know what the holocaust was like and what the Nazis soldiers did to the Jewish people who tried to escape from everywhere.

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