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Annie Sullivan

by Alina from Mozambique

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Annie Sullivan

Annie Sullivan was born on April 14, 1866. Annie moved to a town called Tewksbury because her mother died and the rest of her family did not want to take care of her. She attended the Perkins Institute of the Blind. On March 3, 1887, Annie Sullivan met Helen Keller and began to teach her. Helen Keller had a really bad temper, but Annie Sullivan tried to help Helen’s temper by teaching her communicate her feelings and to control her temper. On October 19, 1936, Annie Sullivan passed away leaving Helen Keller all by herself. Fortunately Helen was old enough to take care of herself from what Annie had taught her. From Annie Sullivan, Helen learned to help others who were blind and deaf.

Annie Sullivan was a hero because she helped deaf and blind people to communicate. Annie Sullivan never gave up even though it was very hard.

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