Essays on the Theme of Heroism


by Anonymous from New London

What makes someone heroic? Is it what someone does; what someone says? Everyone describes a hero differently. Some view heroes as valiant people; others as humanitarians. Whatever the classification of a hero, there is always the incontestable fact that every one is unique. In my eyes, a hero perseveres no matter what the cost. Indeed, my own hero’s definition is an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. A hero amongst peers is a rare thing, but my hero is nineteen years old, and my girlfriend. Born of the wrong father, with a physical ailment, she has prevailed through many hardships as an adolescent, all while keeping a smile on her face and becoming a successful and mature adult. She has inspired me to do more rather than less and to remind myself how my actions not only affect my life but that of others.

How would you react if your friends asked you why your skin color was different than your sister’s, or why was your hair different? When she was born, she was not like her sister and she never knew the reason. Her mother would do her best to mask her race, even from her. Everyone to this day asks her why she is the odd ball out in the family and all she can say is the truth. Even through the bliss of others she shines through diversity. This is an example that, if everyone lived by, could make the world a better place.

Not only has she had to deal with the fact that she is not the daughter of the father she has known all her life, but she also has had to live with one kidney. At an early age, she had one removed and has had to adapt to life with just the remaining one. This has also affected her height; making her five feet zero inches instead of her projected height of five feet seven inches, which has been the subject of taunting at a younger age and has had an adverse affect on her self body image.

Everyone goes through loss and trials of emotion while growing up, but she has endured more than the norm. She is testament to her own success by her steadfast determination to never let anything or anyone get the best of her. Enduring the trials of family cancer has been one of the many things to affect her life. Many of her close relatives have either passed away from cancer or are battling currently. It is one thing to be tested, but another to be on trial. A trial is a test of self-preservation of sanity and poise, which is exactly what she triumphs at.

Humility and honesty are qualities that she has instilled in me through her examples everyday. Everyone should take notice to what she has accomplished and what she accomplishes everyday with sacrifice of self. She embodies all that is honest and noble in my opinion.

Everyone has a story of dramatic proportions they can tell about themselves, but my girl has that, and more. She has been through trial after trial and has transpired through the other end with her head held high, a sense of humor, and a smile on her face. My girlfriend is my hero, because of her determination in the face of adversity, trial, tribulation, and honesty. Some would say that she is not heroic because she has just lived her life, but I would like to ask them if they have been through half as much with half the smile. If I were to pick out the hardships I have experienced they would pale in comparison. No one chooses their path in life, but we all have to walk it, and my girl did it running. My hero is my love and I would not have it any other way.

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