April Adams

by Ryan from North Carolina

"The One and Only"
My Mom, My hero (I took this picture)
My Mom, My hero (I took this picture)

A hero is a person who is loved by many and a person that helps you in many ways. My mom is a hero because she is always there for me. My mom is a hero within because she shows all the qualities like kindness, has courage, loyalty, respects and responsibility to take care of me.

My hero is my mom. She was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. She lived in a time when money was not easy to make. Still today, money is not easy to make. My mom has made a difference in my life in many ways like supporting me in the time of struggle and pushing me to go above and beyond my expectations. She has made a difference not only to me, but everyone that has met her.

My hero is my mom because she is a leader, not a follower. She always goes the extra mile to make things better than they already are. She looks up to her kids to be a role model to others. She likes to live it up everyday by doing what she loves, making cakes and being a special person in my life.

Some things about my mom: She likes to make cakes and read all types of poetry. She likes to go to the beach and attend school fund-raisers to help out. She is a mom that loves to cook and help us help out in the house. She is a woman who tries to make it in life and because of that I give my mom my love and respect.

As you can see, she has influenced me to go above and beyond my expectations. My mom is a hero within because she never lets anyone get to her or bring her down. My mom, my hero.

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