Aram L.

by Chase S. from Mooresville

I know Aram because my cousin met him at a skatepark. They started talking to each other and became friends. Then he met my dad, then my dad hired him as a roofer. He was actually a good worker. I think he is special because he is a great friend and is funny. 

Aram is my hero because he helps my dad get money to pay our bills. My dad has many other workers but he is my favorite. He has taught me some bad stuff and some good stuff but he is still my friend. He is athletic because he can do a back flip off a tree. He is musical because he plays the guitar. He lives in Mooresville N.C. by Lake Norman and he grew up in New York. He took karate for 9 years and was a black belt.

Aram has made a positive impact on me because he has taught me how to skateboard and made me face my fears and go on a roof. He could teach others how to skateboard because he was a teacher that taught skateboarding but now he babysits a kid named JD.

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