by Benjamin from Missouri

He has defeated the flood
He has defeated the flood

My hero is the Arbiter. I picked him out of all of my Idols because he saved the universe from extinction. He was one of the people to save the earth from the flood. The flood are alien creatures that don’t stop eating and growing or mutating. They were found by the Forerunners, which are the humans' insisters.

The Forerunners created these rings called halo. The halos were put into space and were made so that the flood would never be able to escape. The Arbiter was once just an Elite. An Elite is an alien who lived by themselves, but then they joined the covenant. The covenant were (and maybe still are) different types of aliens. There were/are Grunts, Jacoles, Hunters, Elites, Brutes, and Oricoles. The Elites never believed in the Halos and the power/secrets that were in them. They worked with the covenants until the Brutes almost killed them all.

But before these happened, there was an Elite that was sent to stop Master Chief but he was stopped. Because of this his armor was taken from him and then given he was stabbed with a poker that gave him a scar. when this was happening Master Chief was given a medal. Master Chief is a spartan solder. He was one of million of people taken when he was a child. But he became Master Chief because of Coretana. like I said earlier the Arbiter was becoming well himself he was just given the scar.

He was just talking to the Oracle of regret and he gave him the suite of the past Arbiters. Thus becoming the Arbiter. On his first mission he went to fight the creatures that looked almost like them. They were earlier covenants. After killing the creatures they went back to base. There next mission was to go to halo #2. There are 7 halos. but when they got on halo they found another building that had flood in it, but the flood were locked up in boxes. When they got inside they found all there comrades dead on the floor of the main room. Then a hologram came up and told them that their fate was sealed. Then all he doors opened, and out came flood infection forms. They infected all the Elites making covenant flood. The Arbiter killed the flood within the room with his energy sword. When they got past gropes after gropes of flood they killed the guy who was trying to kill them. Then the Arbiter finally found out what he halos were really for. After going tho the center of the halo of as the center is called halo delta they joined up with the humans. They found the Brute general trying to take the power from the halo. They killed the Brute general. As this was happening, Master Chief got into an escape pod and shot himself to earth to stop the covenant.

When he hit earth he was K.O., then he was found and they couldn't take off his amor because it was locked. So Johnson thought that he was dead and they needed a 1,000 lb. lifter, but then Master Chief came to and found out that the arbiter and all the Elites were working with them. But they had to go on another mission after waking Master Cheif. After long battles, far off places, and to have friends die to they made it to halo #1. There they found Cortana (A.I.). They deactivated the weapon that was connected to all the halos.

They almost made it, but only the Arbiter made it. They had an monument made for the people who died and the fight against Humans and Elites stopped. And while this was happening Master Chief and Cortana were stuck in space. Cortana sent an distress signal, but it wouldn't make it for a month or a year. But never again will Humans and Elites fight again.

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