by Yesica from Blackstone Academy Prep

My mom is my hero. I like to say there is no mom like the one I got. This is because she is the only mom I got. She also defines a hero because she inspires me to be brave when hard times come.

My mom shows perseverance by waking up every morning at 4:00 to work. For work my mom wraps bottles of medicine in a machine. This job might be unfair but she still does it because she cares about her family. My mom cares because she wants what is best for us.

My mom shows bravery because she is fitting some diseases. One of those sicknesses is diabetes. This means she cannot eat anything with sugar. One day when my family went through the neighborhood we went to buy sugar cane but my mom couldn't eat. I felt bad because those are her favorites.

Throughout the past days I've been trying to cheer her on because she is getting surgery. I support her by saying everything will be all right. I'm very sure it will be alright.

My mom is my hero because she shows perseverance through a lot like family and friend. she knows when and what to say when I'm hurt. i love my mom. This is why my non is my hero.

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