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Yuyu Arlan

by Bobby from Surabaya

Indonesian conservationists have warned illegal hunting has seriously threatened the survival of the endangering Sumatran tigers

Yuyu Arlan, Indonesia's World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) representative in Sumatra said that at least seven Sumatran tigers were killed by illegal hunters every year in Bukit Tigapuluh National Park (TNBT) of East Sumatra's Riau province.

"Now, there are estimated only about 60 to 70 tigers roaming through the park," Arlan said. Based on the WWF's survey conducted between 1998 until 2001 showed that 65 Sumatran tigers were killed - 21 of them were killed in TNBT - with 60 of them by poaching activities, he said.

In addition of illegal hunting, the Sumatran tigers' survival also threatened by development programs, in particular illegal logging activity that heavily destroyed the beasts' natural habitat.

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