Alexander Enmanuel Rodriguez

by Seth from Jasper, Texas

Alex Rodriguez batting (
Alex Rodriguez batting (

Alexander Enmanuel Rodriguez was born on July 27, 1975. When he was four, a catcher for the Dominican Minor Leauge Baseball team Victor Rodriguez introduced the game of baseball to Alex. He was embraced into the game. His parents got divorced when he turned eight. His mother worked two jobs so he decided to join the boys and girls club. They had a baseball program there. He decided he wanted to join their team. His coach Eddie Rodriguez taught him the fundamentals of baseball .

As he grew up , and got into High School he started playing other sports. He focused on basketball and football his first two years of high school. He got back into baseball when he transferred to Westminster Christian High. His coach saw his peformance and asked him to join the team. He joined the team at the end of his sophmore year. His junior year he started at short-stop. That year he earned All-American Honors and went on to win the national championship.

Alex Rodriguez (
Alex Rodriguez (

His senior year he was planning to attend the University of Miami. Instead, he signed with the Seattle Mariners. He has been playing in the majors for a couple years now. He is in the 500 HR club and he gets better every year, it seems.

He is a star player on the field, but off it is not much different. He gives out to many charities and does a lot of other helpful things. He has given a half a million dollars to the Boys and Girls Club of Miami. He also worked with Microsoft and HP corporations. This program donated an Hp computer and microsoft software if he hit a homerun. This would go to a Boys and Girls Club in the city that he hit the homerun in. A couple years later, Alex donated $200,000 to the Children's Aid Society. This brought therapists in to schools for kids that have trouble. He also donated $50,000 to the Domincan Republic branch of UNICEF. This purchased five day care centers and bought them personal hygiene products.

This is one of my heroes in my life. He gives me inspiration to be a good baseball player. He also gives me inspiration off the field by doing good to others. To me Alex Rodriguez is a great role model both on and off the field.

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