Teachers Heroes

Arthur Garner

by Sterlon and Brad from Grand Rapids

Mr. Garner on the phone
Mr. Garner on the phone

It is important to honor unsung heroes. The reason is because this will encourage them to keep doing what they’re doing. My definition of a hero is someone who makes a difference in the community. Our hometown hero is Mr. Arthur Garner, the 9th grade principal of Central High School. He’s in the middle of his career. We chose Mr. Garner because he has a leader’s personality, and he’s also smart and caring.

Our hero is a true hero because he’s smart. The reason he’s smart is because he finished school and got a degree in teaching. He’s also smart because he’s starting PhD program. Another reason he’s smart he was one of the best math teachers in Grand Rapids Public Schools. That’s just some of the reasons why he’s smart.

Our Hero is also caring. Some ways he is caring are, he helps students succeed, and he comes to work every day to make sure that students are taking care of their responsibilities. He also goes home to his wife and children and takes care of problems there, he shows pride while he does all these things. Those aren’t all but just some of the reasons he’s a caring person.

Mr. Garner is also a leader. He’s a leader because he’s a principal at Central High school and it takes a lot of leadership to be a principal. Another reason is because he has a family and is the man of his house. Mr. Garner also is a leader because he didn’t follow his friends when he was younger. In other he didn’t cave into peer pressure. That’s why he’s a leader.

Mr. Garner is our hero because he’s smart, he’s a leader, and he’s caring. We learned a lot about our hero, Mr. Garner, and his background. Mr. Garner said, "The students must succeed." We also learned that Mr. Garner looks up to his father a lot. It's important to honor unsung heroes so they will keep up the good work and, trust us, we’ve achieved our purpose on learning about our hero, and honoring him.

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