by Kiera from Chicago

The definition of a hero is one who is admired for his/her achievements and qualities. One person on this earth that is alive and one of my heroes is Ashley Christina Aubrey. Ashley has made it through “hell and back” and she’s still strong. Ashley has been through everything possible and she is still a wise kind heart. She has a beautiful soul. Ashley learns from all of her experiences and it all has made her stronger. Physically she is tiny but her mental statement is strong.

Ashley is the only 17 year old I know with two and ½ jobs. She is a cashier at Target, an ice cream scooper at Baskin Robbins, and an assistant at a firm. She has millions of things to do but she still strives for more. She is teen mom but she tries her best not to be statistic. She tries her hardest to be better than most teenage moms. Ashley isn’t a workaholic but she is always working to provide for her kids.

Though, for some, she is every parent's worse nightmare; she wants more for herself. She wants her kids to have the very best for her kids; she wants her kids to be forever happy. She wants to give her kids everything they can ever need. She is dedicated and tries her best even when she can’t work harder. She is caring, warm and she’ll put her life on the line for anyone she loves. A hero is Ashley. Ashley holds each characteristic I believe a hero possesses.

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