Ashton King

by Shawn from Woodland Hills

Ashton King has many herioc qualities. Some including setting an example. Ashton is a very good leader, he cares about people in his community, and he even cares about the environment.

One reason I think Ashton is heroic is because he a sets very good example. He is someone who never does bad things like isrespecting anyone or anything. He is someone who you would want to get advice from. Ashton would never say he doesn’t have time to listen. Ashton is also very modest. He isn’t someone who would show off about anything, like when we play football. He isn’t someone that would score a touchdown and show off for an hour. He scores and just walks off the field. I think he is a very good person to look up to.

Another reason I think Ashton is heroic is that he is a great leader. He always organizes stuff perfectly. He is also a leader for his community. Ashton always makes right choices and leads people in the right direction. Even on the basketball court, he’s a good leader. I think that person cannot be a hero without being able to be a leader, and Ashton King is a good leader.

The Last reason why I think he is heroic is that he helps out people, the community and even the environment. He cares about people because he always gives advice, even when he doesn’t have time. And when people are sad he always tries his best to cheer them up. Ashton never puts himself before anyone. He also helps out his community. During the summer he was involved in recycling all over his street. He even got me to do it with him two times. The funny part was that when I asked him, why are you doing this he said, "Oh well, I have nothing else to do this summer, so why not just help out the environment by recycling, filling the landfills with less trash." He also added that it just feels really good to know that you made a little difference in the world. That little difference got him paid, too, a little bit at the end. So I asked him, What do you have planned for this summer? He said he doesn’t know yet, but I would be happy to recycle.

he wants you to help your community!
he wants you to help your community!

These were all my reasons why I think Ashton King is heroic to me. He sets good examples, he is a great leader, helps people out whenever they need it, and he cares for the environment and his community. To me I think these are all qualities of a modern day hero. Hey, he may not be a super hero, but he is a great friend and and he is heroic to me.

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